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Review: Bad Milo

Ever wonder what's up with those co-workers that seem like they've got something up their butt? According to Jacob Vaughan and Benjamin Hayes, the writers of Bad Milo, you'd best not push the buttons of that stressed peer lest you want to deal with their inner demons.

In the case of Bad Milo, this isn't just figurative. Duncan (our lead actor, Ken Marino) actually has a demon up his ass. Stressed to the point of breaking, both in his work and personal life, Duncan doesn't even know that he needs to find some way of coping. Lucky for him, his caring wife, Sarah, and mother, Beatrice, (Gillian Jacobs and Mary Kay Pierce, respectively) want to help - as much as they add to his stresses in their own way - and Duncan is guided to the help of Peter Stormare's character, Highsmith, a doctor of sorts. Highsmith, Sarah and Mom may mean well, but there's only so much anyone can do except for Duncan himself. He needs to take control. Lucky for us, the viewers, the whole silly premise works well on so many levels.

Bad Milo is at turns outrageous, funny, poignant, gory, and serious. It's one of the funniest horror comedies I have seen since Shaun of the Dead. The silliness of the titular Milo as a character is one similar to the Gremlins from Joe Dante's classic film mixed with the Mogwai all in one. He's mischievous, but really means well. Milo is, after all, doing what Duncan can't; he just takes it too far, as ass demons are wont to do.

Before Bad Milo I had not heard of the director, Jacob Vaughan, and I'm looking forward to more of his works from this film on. Good horror comedies do not come along often, especially not ones that move along so well and are filled with so many laughs and all the gore one could ask for.

A great cast, fantastic creature effects reminiscent of 80's monster flicks, and an original idea make for a great way for Toronto After Dark to kick off their 2013 program. Be sure to check out their next Spotlight Screening on September 26th in their new venue at the Scotiabank Theatre, Toronto.

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