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Review: Evil Feed


Evil Feed is a movie made by a young Vancouver crew which had its World Premier at Toronto After Dark. We were the first to see this blend of cage fights and gastro-grossosity, and I have a feeling the audience with an appetite for this feed isn't going to grow all too much. In one of those rare situations where the trailer shows just enough to get you interested while also showcasing all you need to see, Evil Feed is best left as a grindhouse trailer in a Quentin Tarrantino movie.

Taking place in a Chinese restaurant where the patrons get to choose their food after it's tenderized in a fight to the death, our protagonists are definitely not willing and their flesh is weak, but apparently tasty. Terry Chen as Steven abducts martial arts masters for the entertainment in his establishment and also the course du jour. The loser of said battle is then butchered and served up in a series of horrifying dishes Jeffrey Dahmer and Hannibal Lecter would love to try. Of course, the latest master's students follow Steven's hired goons, trying to free their master and escape with their lives. Sounds enticing and the trailer had me interested -- it's too bad that it all doesn't work as well as the idea does.

There's really not one thing that worked for me in this flick. I usually like grindhouse schlock and can find something to like in most anything, but Evil Feed bored me throughout. It wasn't a pacing issue so much as characters I have no interest in seeing survive, lackluster fights (even though the director Kimani Ray Smith is a longtime stuntman in the film business), and dark humour that falls flat. Truly, Evil Feed was the one stinker from this year's Toronto After Dark. Take a look at the trailer; it seems like it could be fun, but it's enough to satisfy without needing to order the main course.

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