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Review: Grabbers

Comfort food for horror sci-fi fans -- this is how I feel about Grabbers. Jon Wright (director) did a great job of making grannies double-fisting, your typical fish-out-of-water Policewoman from Dublin, and an alien invasion of squid creatures that can't stand alcohol, fun.
The thing that really stuck with me, aside from a big smile from all the funnies, is how gorgeous the Irish countryside is. Grabbers really is shot beautifully, aside from some minor use of shaky cam. It's a shame that there are any night scenes, if only because I missed seeing the idyllic vistas of day. What anyone reading this is likely wanting to hear about though is the creatures, the grabbers, and I'll tell you now they look great. Fantastic use of CGI throughout really gives these creepy crawlies a sense of weight that I wasn't expecting in this Irish horror. They aren't scary, they're cute at times, and they're always slimy.

The titular monsters crash into the waters just off the coast of the island of Erin within the first few minutes of the movie and havoc ensues. First though we get to meet Ciaran, a perpetually drunken Garda (that's a cop to us Canadians). With Erin being a calm little place with no action, Ciaran seems to think there's nothing wrong with having a few drinks when waking up, when on the job, after work, or just about any time. Good thing then that Lisa has come to take charge when the only other responsible Garda is going on vacation. She's a by-the-books type, come in from Dublin. Obviously Ciaran is not a fan. They have to work together, however, when all hell starts to break loose thanks to the grabbers. I won't say much more about the typical clashing of heads other than I came to like all of the characters in the film and Ciaran's hard drinking comes in handy when the alien's aversion to alcohol is discovered. Great use of that old Irish drinking stereotype makes for the majority of the laughs in the flick.

Funny throughout, the whole crowd watching at the gala opening of Toronto After Dark 2012 were laughing hysterically. I really got the impression that everyone enjoyed it. Kudos to Adam Lopez and everyone at TAD for choosing this crowd-pleasing movie to start off what looks to be another great festival for the fans.

GRABBERS was featured on October 18, 2012 at the Toronto After Dark Film Fest.

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