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Review: Inbred

Take four troubled teens, two care workers, a town so small it's off the SatNav (GPS), and an abandoned group home that used to house the mentally ill and physically handicapped, and you get the basis for Hill-Billy Cannibals: English Style.

Co-Writer and Director Alex Chandon (who is also a producer and casting on this film) opens with a bit of meta. It starts with a local handy man kills the toffs over a glass of lemonade, which we find is being watched by two of the four teens on a road trip to a very, very small town for a weekend away to do a community works project and work through issues. Jeff (James Doherty) has all the catch phrases and platitudes down but is, according to the other adult, Kate (Jo Hartley), alienating. At her suggestion they walk to the local pub, "The Dirty Hole," named for mining, Jeff opines. Their interactions with the locals don't bode well. Especially when they are served warm lemonade, and home-made crackle. (Don't ask what's in the crackle.)

Everything is eerie but realistic until Jeff gets injured and they turn to the locals for help. The pub owner's pain remedy sends the story into hyper-mode with almost cartoon-y top deaths. By killing the annoying Jeff first, we are left to root for the city folk, one of whom is able to pick locks and hotwire cars, while another fashions a shiv and a third is a firebug. Two of the teens are unwilling participants in a show, one act of which is reminiscent of a 'wafer thin mint' death, but not with a mint. There are deaths on both sides, a chase scene that is provided with a banjo soundtrack, and side bets over how far the runner can make it with just one leg.

The practical effects are so over the top that Inbred provides more laughter and cheers than jumps and screams. But if you're a fan of gore, and of city folk versus country folk, Inbred is a fun ride.


INBRED was featured on October 19, 2012 as part of the Toronto After Dark Film Festival.

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