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Screening: The Devil's Carnival
May 1, 2012

Exclusive limited engagement

Director Darren Lynn Bousman and Writer/Star Terrance Zdunich LIVE and in person! 

In THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL, sinners are invited to a theme park where they endure the repetition of their transgressions.  What chances do a conniving kleptomaniac, a gullible teenager, and an obsessed father stand when facing their own moral failings?  Lucifer and his colorful cast of singing carnies invite you to grab a ticket to THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL to find out!


 SINNER: One Ticket to The Devil's Carnival event

 CARNIES: One Ticket to The Devil's Carnival event. PLUS a signed poster!

 RINGMASTER: VIP Experience: One Ticket to The Devil's Carnival event, PLUS a signed poster, AND a MEET & GREET WITH DARREN LYNN BOUSMAN AND TERRANCE ZDUNICH 


* Surprise Celebrity Guests at select stops
**Signed posters will be available at will call


The Devil's Carnival is an unrated program.  All ages are welcome; Parents should use discretion when bringing children to the event.  The Question and Answer portion of the event is unscripted and may contain foul language.


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May 2, 2012

When: May 2, 9:30pm - 2:00am

Where: The Avro

From the Facebook Event:

N I N T E N D O - A R M A G E D D O N

War never changes.

You will be dropped on the battlefield with nothing but a controller and your wits. Friend becomes foe as you battle face to face in a Grand Tournament to settle ancient disputes and immortalize bragging rights.
Glorious no
stalgic prizes await you.
Are you a bad enough dude?


T O U R N A M E N T # 1

10:00PM - Tournament Signup
10:30PM - ???* Competition Begins
11:30PM - Victory Declared and Prizes Awarded

T O U R N A M E N T # 2

11:00PM - Tournament Signup
11:30PM - ???* Competition Begins
12:30AM - Victory is Declared and Prizes Awarded

Hosted by Damn Aykroyd. Loud Chiptunes and 90's all night.
♥ ♥ ♥ Zangief Shots - $4.50
♥ ♥ ♥ Sonic & Knuckles Shots - $4.50



Voting ends April 28th. Suggested games should be 2 Player and competitive in nature. NES, SNES & N64 ONLY. We're playing cartridges ppl, no emulators.

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Exhibit: Loretta Jean Fishnets & Desire: Performing the Neoburlesque
May 4, 2012

When: May 4, 7pm - May 25

Where: The Fleishman Gallery

From the Facebook Event:

Loretta Jean Fishnets & Desire: Performing the Neoburlesque

Opening Reception & Performance, Friday May 4th 7-9 pm
Exhibit runs until May 25

Fishnets & Desire: Performing the Neoburlesque is a video, photography, and performance piece that explores sexuality, gender(ed) performance, drag, and contemporary feminist reclamation of striptease. This piece reflects upon the kitsch of the classic burlesque striptease as was performed in burlesque theatres and gentleman’s clubs in the 1930s-1960s, and how it has evolved to be a witty, parodic art form that is simultaneously erotic but performed with tongue-in-cheek irony. Neoburlesque is a pastiche of old and new, but under the layers of body glitter, false eyelashes, nipple pasties, g-strings and high heels is an intelligent and politically charged critique of gender as a whole.

Fishnets & Desire: Performing the Neoburlesque interrogates the relationship between performer and audience, and the energy they exchange. Neoburlesque is a provocative performance style, which transgresses mainstream social propriety and straddles a chasm between the pornographic, and strategic ‘veiling’ and unveiling of the body. This piece also explores neoburlesque’s playful attitude towards gender, and how its self-awareness of gender performativity facilitates critiquing assumptions about femininity. The performance component of this piece draws upon the burlesque trope of female performers donning intentionally unconvincing drag, which is a long-standing tradition of cross-dressing in comedic burlesque tradition since its 19th century roots.

The exhibition will feature large-scale photography prints, projected video, installation components, and performance (at the opening reception).

About the Artist
Loretta Jean is an MA candidate in the Communication and Culture joint program at Ryerson and York Universities. This exhibit is the creative component of her MA thesis project, and is supervised by Shannon Bell and Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof. For the past two years Loretta has performed all over the city as a founding member of Nerd Girl Pinups Burlesque, and a guest at Great Canadian Burlesque and independent shows. Last summer, she made her festival debut on the opening night of the Toronto International Burlesque Festival. This is her first solo art exhibition.

Gallery Hours: Tuesday to Friday 11 – 6pm
Contact: Rochelle at

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Star Wars Day Toronto 2012
May 4, 2012

When: May 4th, 7-10pm

Where: Toronto Underground Cinema

From the Facebook Event:

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G33KPRON's Star Wars Day 1 Year Anniversary Party
May 4, 2012

When: May 4, 9pm - 2am

Where: Tattoo Rock Parlour

From the Facebook Event:

May the Fourth be with you!

Get ready to celebrate not only international Star Wars day but also 's one year anniversary!

We know you love our prizes, so check out what we have in store for you:

- Darth Vader ForceFX Lightsaber
- Star Wars The Old Republic game
- Big Millenium Falcon Lego set
- Jedi Force books
- Star Wars Blu-Ray set

...and so much more to be announced!

Performances include a special edition Star Wars Burlesque from Red Herring!

Costumes are encouraged!

Jedi & Sith drink specials!

If you came to our last Comicon party then you know there will be impromptu lightsaber battles on the dance floor, awesome costumes and a just an all around good time.

Come celebrate one year of awesome with all of us from G33KPRON!

19+ event (please bring valid ID). $5 at the door before 10:30pm.

More info TBA 

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Free Comic Book Day @ Silver Snail
May 5, 2012

When:  May 5, 10am

Where: Silver Snail

From the Facebook Event:

Join us as we celebrate our 36th anniversary as Canada's premier source for all things cool!

Celebrate free comic book day with discounts, give-aways, special sales on Saturday and Sunday and in-store signings (Saturday only).

Come in and get a free exclusive poster created just for us by superstar artist Phil Noto (X-23, Buffy, X-Men Origins, Wolverine & Jubilee). UPDATE: Phil Noto will be signing in store, as well!

Be entertained while you wait with Wordburglar's cool rhymes and sweet tunes by Nerds with Guitars.

Watch for details here:


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May 5, 2012 to May 6, 2012

Toronto Comic Arts Festival

When: May 5th, 9am - 5pm; May 6th, 11am - 5pm

"The Toronto Comic Arts Festival exists to promote the breadth and diversity of comics, and what is considered comics, as legitimate medium of literary and artistic worth. We seek to promote the creators of these works in their broad and diverse voices, for the betterment of the medium of comics and to reach as wide an audience as possible for them."

More information

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY Celebration at the Comic Book Lounge + Gallery!
May 5, 2012

When: May 5, 12pm - 7pm

Where: Comic Book Lounge + Gallery


The Comic Book Lounge + Gallery is happy to present our first ever Free Comic Book Day celebration from 12-7!

Guests include:
Stuart Immonen (Avengers vs. X-Men)
Kathryn Immonen (Avengers vs. X-Men)
Ty Templeton (Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man)
Mike Del Mundo (Amazing Spider-Man, Venom, Marvel Zombies)
Marco Rudy (Swamp Thing)
Raffaelle Ienco (Epic Kill)
Gibson Quarter
Richard Events
and more! 

Free comics!
Face painting for kids and adults!
Overstock sale - hundreds of recent comics at $1 each!
Plus --- Spotlight sale on select items!


In the evening we will continue the celebration from 7 until 11 with the the first ever:

ON THE COUCH WITH TY TEMPLETON (scheduled to start at 8pm and finish around 9:30)

Ty Templeton will lead a discussion on what it's like to be Canadian in the larger comics industry.

Guests include Mark Askwith (producer, InnerSpace), Will Pascoe (Director, Lost Heroes movie) and a panel of Toronto comic pros.

At 10pm the discussion will be followed by a special preview of the 2012 Joe Shuster Award Nominations and an Industry Night party.

Beer and soft drinks will be available for purchase at the event (ID required for alcohol purchases).

Address: 587A College Street, Toronto ON
Phone: 647-345-1035

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Debs & Errol: CD Release Party!
May 5, 2012

When: May 5, 7pm - 11pm

Where: Imperial Pub

From the Facebook Event:

Huzzah! The CD is out!

Come join us at the Imperial pub starting at 7!
We have special guests:

Nerds with Guitars - Nerdy Rock Duo (
Pondward Bound - Improv Group Extraordinaire!

There will be shows! There will be prizes! There will be discounts on CDs! It will be better than sewage maintenance!

(And if you buy a CD at the Simian Showcase, your admission is free!)


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St. John's Musicfest: At The Movies (Take 2)
May 6, 2012


When: May 6, 4pm & 7pm
Where: St John's York Mills Anglican Church
From the Facebook Event:
St. John's annual spring Musicfest is almost here, and this year's theme is "At the Movies - Take 2!" It's been a few years since the first movie-themed Musicfest, and we've got a whole batch of new music from the silver screen, including Pirates of the Caribbean, Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World, The Sting, and much more!
Come and hear your favourite soundtracks being performed on over 100 handbells, as well as handchimes, voices and a full band.

Matinée: 4pm
Evening: 7pm
Tickets are $15 ($5 for children)

As always, a portion of the money raised from this concert will go to Sleeping Children Around The World to help provide children in developing nations with bed kits and school supplies.


Ladies Comic Book Nights @ Comic Book Addiction in Whitby
May 7, 2012

When: May 7, 7:30pm

Where: Comic Book Addiction (Whitby)


The stereotype about comic books is that they are a man's world. When the average person thinks of comic book stores, they immediately picture geeky men who look like they came right out of the Big Bang Theory.

But women love comics and graphic novels, too! That's why I, along with the support of Comic Book Addiction (1022 Brock St. S., Whitby, ON), have organized a monthly Ladies Comic Book Night. Our third night is on Monday, May 7, 2012 at 7:30 p.m. (just after Free Comic Book Day!!) and will continue the first Monday of every month.

Ladies, join the first ever comic book appreciation club by women, for women! We're putting the call out to all women who are regular, long-time comic book enthusiasts, as well as those who have never set foot in a comic book store before! Come share your love of a modern art form and join an in-depth discussion of women's issues in an ever evolving medium.

For further information, go online to, or call Stephanie at Comic Book Addiction at 905-666-0011 or e-mail Elisabeth Pfeiffer at

Nerd Mafia Pub Night
May 8, 2012

When: May 8, 7:30pm

Where: 3 Brewers Pub

From the Facebook Event:

It's time once again for nerds to meet, drink, and be merry in our usual spot at The 3 Brewers Pub (3rd floor). We're mixing it up a bit and doing it on a Tuesday. Don't forget to bring any promotional material/business cards/etc for upcoming events you're planning.

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Nerd Nite Toronto XIII: Space and Pirates
May 9, 2012

When: May 9, 8pm

Where: Tranzac

From the Facebook Event:

With talks like these, we're about to hit Nerdy critical mass. This is the last Nerd Nite until we come back in September, so enjoy those patios!


Presentation 1: We're Movin' on Up (to Mars) by Andrew Rader

Earth’s housing bubble is about to burst. Andrew Rader will talk about future prospects for Space settlement, with emphasis on why Mars makes a good candidate for human exploration and colonization. Andrew will also discuss Mars-related research on Earth and how we can prepare to visit the red planet.

Andrew Rader is a Spacecraft Systems Engineer at COM DEV in Cambridge, Ontario. He earned his Ph.D. from MIT in Aerospace engineering, where he conducted experiments on human subjects investigating the long-term effects of spaceflight on the human body. Andrew was president of the MIT Chapter of the Mars Society and is an advocate of both human and robotic spaceflight.


Presentation 2: Eye Patches are the New Black--The Golden Age of Piracy by Laura Thipphawong

The Golden Age of Piracy: they were the true pirates of the Caribbean, ruling the islands from 1650-1700. They were as dirty, depraved and heinously violent as the legends and folklore depict. We’ll touch on what influenced these fringe societies, including politics, monarchy, government spending, gender issues and pure sadism, as well as recounting some of the most notorious plunders of the golden age.

Laura Thipphawong is an avid researcher of criminal psychology and historical case studies. Her academic pursuit of personality disorders, neuroses and deviant behavior has taken her through highschool to U of T, where she audits courses on abnormal psychology and criminology. The rich history, psychological and sociological aspects of 17th century piracy makes the topic of particular personal interest.


Trivia trivia trivia

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MULLET'S NIGHT SHOW : Thursday, May 10!
May 10, 2012

When: May 10, 7:30pm - 11pm

Where: Black Swan Comedy

From the Facebook Event:

***DOORS AT 7:30, SHOW AT 8:00*** PWYC

Toronto's favourite zombie clown is back from the dead (and New York!) to bring you his LIVE LATE NIGHT TALK SHOW!!*

*NOT actually late. Show starts at 8!

"Reminded me of the Golden Age of late-night TV talk." -- Jenna Rocca, Mooney On Theatre

Mullet and sidekick ROBIN ARCHER brought Mullet's Night Show to NEW YORK CITY and now they're bringing it home!



- EL JAGUAR (Derek Flores)


- MENTAL FLOSS (freak show)
- KID TWIST (award-winning battle rapper)

You've seen Mullet:

ON TV in Ed & Red's Night Party, the Canadian Comedy Award-winning This Movie Sucks, and soon YTV!

ON TEH WEB in Naked News and his own YouTube movies including the feature-length cult classic Babysitters!

IN COMICS including his own weekly webseries Miller & Mullet!

LIVE at The PIT in NYC!!! and in the Toronto Fringe, Toronto Festival of Clowns, Second City's Late Night Cabaret, Lunacy Cabaret, Comic Con International...

AND NOW as host of his very own talk show the 2nd Thursday of every month!

"The next clown who could make it big like Mump & Smoot or Morro & Jasp." --

"Whereas zombies just want your brains, Mullet wants your heart too." -- The Zombie Sartorialist

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May 11, 2012

When: May 11, 9:30pm

Where: El Mocambo

From the Facebook Event:

It's finally here! Come celebrate the release of the BRAND NEW WORDBURGLAR ALBUM "3RDBURGLAR" on Friday May 11th at the EL MOCAMBO 464 Spadina Avenue

$10 Gets you admission AND your very own copy of the soon-to-be-classic 3RDBURGLAR CD!!!

930pm, 19+


Watch the new video "RHYME O'CLOCK"


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Gavin Stephens in Guelph ON, Presented by Nerdy Little Secret Comedy
May 11, 2012

When: May 11, 7pm - 9pm

Where: Bookshelf Cinema (Guelph)

From the Facebook Event: 

Everyone's favourite nerd GAVIN STEPHENS (SXSW, Just For Laughs, CTV, Spike TV, NXNE, Comedy Network) touches down in Guelph ON on Friday May 11th for a fun night full of the best geeky comedy around!

Whether you're a nerd or just a comedy fan, this is a show you won't want to miss!

See Gavin and special guests Patrick Coppolino and Zak McDonald in a rare Guelph appearance!

Bookshelf Cinema
41 Quebec St, Guelph ON

Doors open at 7, showtime 7:30.
Tickets $10 at the door.
Fri May 11th

Follow Gavin on twitter @GavinBStephens
Follow Nerdy Little Secret on twitter @NerdySecret


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DWSC @ MayFair
May 12, 2012

When: May 12, 11:30am

Where: Rosedale Park

From the Facebook Event:

Come join your fellow Whovians as we gather at MayFair, a fun All-Ages Carnival in Rosedale Park (Toronto). Mingle, enjoy some rides, chow down on some BBQ and try your luck on the midway. The theme for MayFair is "MayFair at the Movies", where they will celebrate all genres of filmss: comedy, action, cartoons, sci-fi and romance. What better way to fit in than by having some Doctors on a Tilt-A-Whirl!

The Fair itself is free, but things like rides, games, food and drinks will be extra. An All-Day Ride Bracelet is $35.

At 11:30 we will meet by the entrance to the Fair. The fair isn't huge, so it shouldn't be too much trouble to track us down. If you need a number to help find our group, please let us know ahead of time.

Again, this is an All-Ages Event, so please feel free to bring your little Stormageddons along for the fun!

After the event, we might very well end up at a pub close by for dinner. We'll keep you posted!

MayFair details can be found at...

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IGDA Toronto presents Tales from the Script
May 14, 2012

When: May 14, 7pm - 8:30pm

Where: Bahen Centre

From the Facebook Event:

How does story fold in to overall game design? How does the writer collaborate with team members from other disciplines? And just how do you get the job of writing for games? IGDA Toronto has put together a stellar panel of game writers to answer these questions and more at its May meeting.

Come hear Ubisoft Toronto's Navid Khavari and Matt MacLennan, Freebird Games' Kan Gao and Capybara Games' Dan Vader speak about the importance of their skills and how they contribute to the game's overall success. The discussion will be moderated by Kimberley Ann Sparks.

The panel will take place at the University of Toronto's Bahen Centre for Information Technology, 40 St. George St., Room 1190.

Special thanks to Steve Engels at the University of Toronto, Jessica Frey at the Writers Guild of Canada and poster designer Tim Nguyen!

After-party details TBA! Help us spread the word!

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Nerds With Guitars FOR THE RECORD EP Release feat. RORY & The Bitterweed Draw
May 19, 2012

When: May 19, 9pm

Where: Rancho Relaxo

From the Facebook Event:

The Nerd Folk Prophets are releasing their first-ever EP at their favourite Toronto venue, and they're inviting you to be there. The boys will be serving up a classic combo of their own "acoustic-alt-nerd-folk-rock-comedy" with some cover goodness you won't expect.

Come check out the awesome acts on this bill, including the alt rock stylings of RORY, and end the night with some good raucous hard-drinking fun with the Bitterweed Draw. Hosted by Andrew Ivimey! Doors at 9pm, $7.00 cover. Presented by Two Way Monologues.

RoRy is an indie band from Toronto. RoRY's debut EP "Closure" which was released on January 12th 2012 at Rancho Relaxo in Toronto, can be found on their website, and on iTunes.

Emerging onto the Western Canadian music scene in 2011, The Bitterweed Draw’s high energy performances have ignited crowds everywhere from large festival stages to crowded bars, local markets, private functions, on-air radio, and whiskey swiggin’ sunrises aplenty. This six-piece honky-tonk outfit combines olde-tyme and bluegrass sensibilities with an edge of rock and roll swagger.

Our host, Andrew Ivimey, has been living in Toronto since 2009 and making the big city weep with laughter. He is known for bringing to the stage his unique blend of Newfoundland storytelling humor, utterly nerdy jokes, rugged good looks, and functional alcoholism.

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GCB Presents- X-Men vs Gotham City Burlesque!!
May 24, 2012

When: May 24, 9:30pm - 12:30am

Where: The Comedy Bar

From the Facebook Event:

Hello True Believers-

Meanwhile at the Comedy bar the crew of Great Canadian Burlesque, Nerd Girl Burlesque and the Underground Peepshow are Preparing for a parody showcase like no other featuring the Cross dressing, cross over worlds of the Uncanny X-Men battling it out with the Heroes and Villains of Gotham City!!

Featuring comedy star of the Jimmy Fallon show Seth Herzog from NYC!! (Wonder Woman)

As well as unbelievable striptease and comedy of

The XXX- Men-

Mysterion and Wolfman as Prof XXX and The Beast
Fionna Flauntit as Mystique
Bre Poisonne as Magneto
Kenickie Street as Wolverine


Gotham City Striptease

Dolly Berlin as the Riddler
Dr Tease as Mr Freeze
Meryle Trouble as the Creeper
Veronika Swartz as Poison Ivy
and Loretta Jean and Delicia Pastiche as the Dynamic Duo

Also a little help from our super charged friends

Aviva Mirage as Mary Marvel
Comedian Supreme Jon Blair as Superman
Chaos Divine as Tank Girl
Betty Quirk as Spiderman and more acts TBA.....

Tickets available online at and Helles Belles $20 for this star studded showcase!!!

ticket link

Nuff said!!! 

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Play Locke & Key @ Silver Snail
May 27, 2012

Where: Silver Snail

When: 1pm

From the Facebook Event:

Enjoy playing board games and card games? Want to try out a best-selling game for free? Then come by Silver Snail this Sunday and head upstairs for a free game demo (you then get to play the game afterwards)!

Locke & Key Description:

"Locke & Key tells the story of the Locke family and Keyhouse, an unlikely New England mansion that is home to fantastic keys that transform all who dare to use them . . .and a hate-filled creature that will not rest until it forces open the most terrible door of them all.

Competition and cooperation meet in this card game that dares you to overcome the supernatural challenges of Keyhouse. You and your fellow players will face these horrors together, but who will be by your side when the dust settles? On this journey, you’ll make decisions on when and where to help your fellow players, but your resources are not endless. Through careful management of your cards, you can help the family overcome challenges, and you’ll be rewarded for the assistance . . . sometimes." - Cryptozoic Entertainment

To find out upcoming games and see past ones, check out

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Nerd Nite KW Episode 3
May 29, 2012

Where: Rum Runner Pub, Kitchener

When: 7:30pm

From the Facebook Event:

Kitchener Waterloo's third Nerd Nite!!!

Awesome presentations about Mars, the Venus transit, Batman, and Snails!!!!
Maybe even some light trivia!!!

AND the latest Nerd Nite magazine will be available!

Spread the word to your nerd curious friends!


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